I had a MSI 6163 PRO + Gef DDR (creative) + 128 ram + p3-600e.
When the cpu was overclocked to 740 and i tested q3 at 800*600 al to the max in demo001 i got 115 FPS. THe prob is my sistem was not stable and was sooner or later goin to crash in q3.
I now got a SOYO-SY 6VCA (apollo133a chipset) and oc-ed the cpu to 800 and it is stable (ramclk-pci). But in 800*600 al to the max in q3, demo001 i now ge 98 fps.

And btw WCPUID shows me i'm usin AGP 2X and in bios i have AGP 4X enabled. How do i put it to AGP 4x???