3DMark 2000 ( Geforce DDR and Athlon 700 )
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Thread: 3DMark 2000 ( Geforce DDR and Athlon 700 )

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    3DMark 2000 ( Geforce DDR and Athlon 700 )

    I get a measly 4505 on my 3dMark with my Creative Labs Annihilator Pro and Athlon 700 ( K7M Mobo ) and 256 MB PC100 Ram. Is this normal or do I have something not set up right?
    I can only get 1X AGP as 2X is too unstable..and I have the latest CL drivers for my card released but a few days ago.

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    Actually that's about right for a GeForceDDR going by posted benchmarks. Especially if your not overclocking the GeForce. Try enabling sidebanding and running some benchmarks or QIII looping to test stability, this really helps the GeForce out if AGP2X is unstable. The 5.22 detonator beta drivers cured my lock-ups completely at 2X but I did have to clock it back a little from what it was clocked to at 1X/SBA with the 5.13's. Benchmarks stayed the same roughly.

    Also make sure you have good cooling to the card, I added a Pentium HSF, memory heatsinks, a slot cooler and an 80mm intake fan to get better cooling. That alone got me AGP2X in Direct3D, but OpenGL would lock-up. These cards get really hot and some can handle the heat better than other's.

    All else fails return or sell the card and try another one, you can find one that will work if you have some patience. I have read about 5 systems being built with GeForces, 2 being unstable and 1 replacement being unstable. 38% failure rate is terrible. No specific card manufacturer mentioned but from other reports all card mfr's have ones that won't work with all AGP functions, isn't in the card but the GeForce chip yields.

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