Can of Worms: Best video card
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Thread: Can of Worms: Best video card

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    Can of Worms: Best video card

    I'm soliciting opinions on the best video card. I suppose I would want a good 3D card, but not necessarily the fastet (I don't plan to use it for games). Also, opinions on if there should be a DVD hardware decoder built in, or not. I understand that with faster processors, the software DVD has better performance. Do most video cards come with DVD decoders built in? I'd perfer not to tax the CPU with a software decoder anymore than I'd have to. Opinions please, one and all

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    As games aren't a priority then I'd got for a matrox, as the tend to have some good features with just about the best 2D image.

    Check thier site for details on the DVD stuff.

    They also have the duel head frature on some cards that allows two monitors to display different stuff.

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