Hi all.

I have the common freezing problem with a Diamond Stealth III S540. When windows is starting, the system freezes. This problem appears with Win95 and Win98! I tried many drivers without success. Then I noticed, that the lockups are gone when the hardware-acceleration-slider of windows is set to zero (no acceleration at all). So I bought a 3D-accelerator which only works, when the 3D-acceleration is disabled !!! *grrr*

My system: AMD K6/2-400, Asus P5a (Ali chipset), 128MB

I checked the card in other systems. The first was the same as above, except the mobo: Chaintech IGM (VIA chipset). Result: Same lockups as with the Asus. The second was a MMX187/75 (oc), Asus T2P4, 64MB. And guess - the card showed no problem at all!

My theorie was, that the overclocking of the PCI-bus may cause trouble, but it does not (see MMX system). So where is the problem? Is it the 100MHz bus? Shouldn't be because the PCI runs only with 33MHz (less than in the MMX). Is it the chipset? No, because Via and Ali had the same problems. Is it the cpu itself? Reading other postings in this forum, I think this must be the reason. If I remember it correctly, most postings with lockups are from K6 users.

This is very annoying.

Correct me, if I'm wrong. If someone has a solution, please post it!!