Help--Sound Card Freeze w/ VisionTek GeForce
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Thread: Help--Sound Card Freeze w/ VisionTek GeForce

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    Help--Sound Card Freeze w/ VisionTek GeForce

    Hi! I have a AMD k6-2 w/ 128 ram and running a VisionTek Geforce 256 32mb AGP. Every time I run a game, it works ok for about 15-20 minutes, then the sound disappears or stops working. I've tried all the suggestions and FAQs. The games freeze every once in awhile too. First it use to freeze all the time. I changed the AGP Apeture size, set hardware performance higher, downloaded the most current system bios for my motherboard including the newest AGP drivers, downloaded the newest VisionTek drivers too and just downloaded the overclocking registry (haven't tested it yet). It sound then became a problem while the freezing in games became less (while not totally non-existent). Don't know what else to do? Please help. Oh ya, I tried taking off my tower case to see if overheating was a problem. It only has one fan on the CPU (I think it's called a heat sink fan) I'm thinking of install a fan on the case housing? I've gotten a few error messages that say..."unable to intialize 3D hardware". What's up with this? I think it started after I put the hardware performance slider down a few notches. I put it back up to max and it appeared that the error went away. ????any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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    dude, omg, exact same prob with exact same
    card for me except athlon. tried all that
    above except the heat prob and underclocking.
    latest mini-drivers to boot.NOTHING CHANGED THE PROBLEM. i had to ditch it for a mediocre
    voodoo 3 3000.all is good now except low frame rate on opengl. geforce rules, best card out there now but IT DOES NOT LIKE AMD ANYTHING. my next comp is pentium all the way. Im sorry i could not help you more but i needed to tell my sad story to someone.Aloha man, keep tryin..

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