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Thread: Stupid Test

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    Stupid Test

    here is a stupid Question?
    What is the highest fps acheived on your system?
    specs on me:
    700 mhz athlon
    voodoo 3 1000agp runin at 133mhz
    128mb ram

    game tested on:
    unreal tournament
    res lowest possible, something like 320x400
    lowest detail, no sound on, no other programs open
    and i got an average of 195fps

    try on your system see what you get?

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    Are you sure you mean 133MHz? My Voodoo3 1000 AGP came out of the box at 143. Either mine was factory overclocked, or some bastard has underclocked your board. Either way, she'll take 143 no problem, CRANK HER UP!

    Also, have you enabled the second TMU? The 1000 (AKA the Velocity 100) comes with 1 of it's TMU's dissabled (cutting the RAM in half didn't cripple it enough for 3FX's liking). There is a simple registry hack which I'll dig out for you if you havn't got it, adn which really boosts your performance in Open GL an Glide (D3D has both TMU's by default).

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