If you intend to get a Geforce , or have problems, please read (updated)
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Thread: If you intend to get a Geforce , or have problems, please read (updated)

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    If you intend to get a Geforce , or have problems, please read (updated)

    Firstly I'm not trying to put you off the card,(Hey I'm quite happy with it now although it's still beta),It's getting better .

    It is however currently the fastest card in DDR form you can buy, but for those that are not aware yet there are some motherboards that will not work with the Geforce including i820.

    There are some that can be modified to use it and there are problems with the Athlon boards and power supplies,etc etc and many other issues.

    This FAQ is an independent help file that is updated frequently by the author Christopher Hill, and includes many tips and info for successful gaming with a Geforce.

    Please read it so you know before you buy whether a $300 card may end up costing you more to get it working with your current hardware, especially the instability section. You may have less problems if you are going for a Geforce 2, but some of the issues still exist.

    Geforce FAQ

    Below are some useful links and it's probably worth subscribing to the Creative newsgroup even if you don't own that card as it has some useful info from time to time.



    and you want the:-


    Latest Detonators 5.16

    32mb Geforce V 64mb Geforce

    Geforce cooling kit

    here's a good article on the Asus V7700 to help you decide if the extra cost of the Geforce 2 is worth it

    Asus V7700

    Regards BladeRunner

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    I'd recommend the 5.16 drivers. If you have a Guillemot/Hercules 3D Prophet DDR-DVI you can get a customized set including all the 3D Prophet features here:


    And prices are down - today on http://www.pricewatch.com you can find a VisionTek DDR card for only $202. I've got mine running on a Soyo SY-6BA+IV BX-chipset mobo with no problems at all.
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