tv tuner with tv output
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Thread: tv tuner with tv output

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    tv tuner with tv output

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a standalone tv card with tv output, not much expensive. Any recomendations ? Thanks.

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    Qc, Can.
    How about an ATI TV-WONDER card ?
    Great card, but lacks Mpeg-2 compression.
    All in all, you get a Tv-Tuner, Video-out and great stability (In my case that is).

    Hope this will help


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    Does this card have it so i can play video games on my tv, type of tv output. cause im looking for a card that will allow me to:
    watch cable on monitor
    play games on tv
    Is this the right add on card for me?
    if so will it work with voodoo 3???

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