1x 2x 4x AGP?
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Thread: 1x 2x 4x AGP?

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    1x 2x 4x AGP?

    I have a motherboard which only supports 1x AGP and I want to buy a GeForce card. And I can get a cheap card but it has the bus type: AGP 2x/4x with Fast Writes.
    So my question is wether I will be able to use it or not.
    The specs for the card can be found at http://www.palit.com.tw/nvidia/geforce.htm

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    It should work fine. A lot of Athlon systems have to run their GeForce at AGP1x so I don't see why it wouldn't work.


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    it should work, you just wont get top wack performance out of it.
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    I'm one of those guys with an athlon system running a geforce at 1x. The big difference is the card you run. Another member and I only saw a 3-4fps difference after the registry hack (forced 2x) and before it crashed. My geforce runs UT @ 800x600, highest details 70fps, so you can see agp speed is frivilous.
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