I was hoping someone could explain to me the basics of installing a secondary graphics board?

I have an Elsa Gladiac as my AGP graphics, but it doesn't run games in "glide". And a few of my games (Ultima IX) only really run good in glide. So i was planning on ripping out my good old Creative Labs Blaster Banshee Voodoo2 PCI card from my other computer and installing it as a secondary card. I also have a Voodoo3 3000 card laying around to, but it's an AGP card and I've heard you can't install AGP's as secondary cards, only PCI's...is this true?

So can anyone give me some tips on installing this secondary graphics card?

Thank you...

Athlon 550, K7M mobo, 196 PC100 SDRAM, Elsa Gladiac Geforce2, Aureal Vortex2 sound, AGP 1X or 2X