Video card dilema
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Thread: Video card dilema

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    Video card dilema

    OK, here's the deal. Right now I have a V3 3500TV. I had intended to keep this until the V5 6000 came out.

    But now a friend of mine has offered to buy it from me for $125. I could use that money, and contribute another $125 from my own pocket, and go to a computer show and get a CL Annhilator Pro (the DDR card). That card I have seen for $250 at those shows, so basically the card would cost me $125 plus the 3500.

    Do you think that sounds like a good idea?

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    Go for it!

    I don't like Voodoo3, because of the AWFUL image quality in 3d apps. I changed from a V3 3000 to a Geforce DDR, and I never once regretted it!


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