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Thread: :)bladerunner,ok next move...

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    :)bladerunner,ok next move...

    downloaded latest drivers, still the same freezing geforce 256 on athlon.next soundblaster 128 drivers, if not that, how do i change agp slot to 1X?maybe thats it.funny, soldier of fortune rarely freezes, ive played for hours at a time, but halflife only gives me 1 or 2 minutes. all other games freeze rather quickly too(Shogo, Quake 2 has a small delay in the screen barely noticable) could this mean its not overheating?game gods toying with me. Arrrrgghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

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    Have you tried all the instability issues associated with the Athlon / Geforce in the FAQ? Post you full system specs here and we'll se if we can sort it. I don't have any personal experiance on the Geforce with Athlon, but these I think are the main problems (Athlon users please correct me if I'm wrong or add anything else important):-

    AGP functions can cause a problem, try setting in the bios AGP aperture to 16mb, this will dissable agp and although an unacceptable performance drop just test this to see if it helps.

    Next AGP Wiz (let me know if you need it), should allow you AGP 1 X or there might be a bios setting for this.

    Power issues with various Athlon mobos cause problems with various different work arounds, Check the faq.

    IO volatage in the bios should be at least 3.5v (I've got mine at 3.7v showing 3.66 in MBM) as I was getting ocasional lock ups with FSSAA enabled.

    Make sure your Power supply can cope, try dissconnecting a few items like hdd, cd roms, etc you aren't using to see if it is at a power limit issue.

    The Geforce should be assigned it's own IRQ and the 1'st PCI slot kept clear if possible.

    Get Powerstrip and underclock the ram and GPU just to see if that makes any difference.


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