A story (and a problem) staring: The Matrox Marvel G200
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Thread: A story (and a problem) staring: The Matrox Marvel G200

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    A story (and a problem) staring: The Matrox Marvel G200

    Once upon a time a computer student decided he wanted to do video editing on his computer and looked into a high performance video card. He spent all of his hard earned money [that should have gone towards books] on a Matrox Marvel G200. Boy did he enjoy his video card for the first hour it worked so well dicing and slicing video clips playing games etc. Suddenly the screen scrambled. and got progressively worse. The student tried changing video modes but that only worsened matters. Then no response from the sytem not even when he hit the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys. A reboot was done and after some time the same thing happened. Tech support was called and told me disable different functions of the card to no sucess. After a few days. The problem disappeared mysteriously. No changes were made it just dissappeared. Then a few weeks later the problem occured again!! What to do he said. But only on ocassion did the problem return. What to do? what to do? An exchange the card for a working one with no luck so I Good ridance to the place of purchase. Tech support was again contacted but with no luck The problem still occurs!! This student ocasionaly has the problem and is left in the dark after spending $350 canadian dollars on the card frustrated and disappointed in the usage of the card not to mention the fact that 2 months later Matrox introduced the G400 version of the card. The student cries for help hoping that one day an answer from a helpful computer user will reply. He struggles to fix this problem and waits for restitution.

    Tune in next time for the conclusion to the students problem.

    Will he find a solution?
    Will someone reply with help?
    Will he beat his computer with a sledgehammer? Probally not but just in case he does tune in to read about the fabulous conclusion to the last stand if the Matrox Marvel

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    ...sounds to me like a heat problem, if that card only has a heatsink on it, get some air to blow on that card, I'll bet you its getting too hot and corrupting the graphics. Try opening your case and letting cool air blow on it with a fan of some sort and see if the problem reoccurs.
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    don't spoil the ending for us
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