DVD Playback with Voodoo 3500
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Thread: DVD Playback with Voodoo 3500

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    DVD Playback with Voodoo 3500

    how do i make the DVD playback smoother...

    my system setup:

    Celeron 500mhz
    QDI Adv 9
    128 MB PC100
    Voodoo 3 3500 (connected to TV)
    LG DVD-ROM 8080B
    Soundblaster Live 1024

    I have downloaded and installed the latest VIA chipset drivers and have enabled the DMA setting on the DVD

    Is there any other setting that i should consider... is it my DVD software i am using PowerDVD.

    Do i need an additional MPEG Card...

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    My friend has a DVD player with a Voodoo 3 3000 WITHOUT a seperate MPEG-2 decoder card and he had problems at first with the film being choppy. It turns out that the software that he was using (some software that came with the DVD player or the V3) was causing it and he tried some different DVD software and the problem immediately disappeared.


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    So let me ask these big azz cards that cost like 300 bucks, i.e my Geforce Prophet ddr-dvi can process DVD's great without decoders, right? Because they mace a big stink about dvd's on the box...just curious. do thes ehigh end cards need no decoder? (has tv out, in)

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