how to benchmark quake3
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Thread: how to benchmark quake3

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    how to benchmark quake3

    can anybody tell me how to benchmark quake3

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    Pull down console "~", type in "\timedemo 1", enter, run demo and then pull down console to see fps.

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    what frame rates should I be getting If I'm running at 600X800X16??

    My system is P3 600@800
    128 Meg Ram
    GeForce SDR
    and anything else you need to know?
    Tbird 1400 @ 1518
    Abit KT7-A
    Leadtek GF2 Pro 230/460
    512 Meg PC-133 Cas 3 @137
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    8X4 Panasonic CD-R

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    For the Benchmarking in Q3A; type Timedemo 1 or 2, the enter, then demo space then demo001 or demo002

    This way is the only way that works for me. When you get it to work, post up your frame rates. Whatever they are; they are probably higher than mine.

    I have a 3DFX voodoo Banshee card running on a Asus K7M motherboard, 64mb of ram, and an Athlon 700 at 750 and sometimes 800. The best I get with everything turned on and with the best detail I get

    27.3FPS in Demo1 and 29.5 in Demo2
    Wow! I turned on Vertex lighting and now I'm getting 42.3FPS in TD1 and 42.6 in TD2.

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    SupremeFX II Mobo Audio (for time being)
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