AMD and I740 AGP
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Thread: AMD and I740 AGP

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    AMD and I740 AGP

    I read somewhere on here, Does the I740 AGP run well with AMD Chips...

    Well i running a K6'3 400 mhz with a I740 8mb AGP card and it plays Quake 3 Arena with no problems and Starwars Racer just rocks!
    Ok it not ultra fast with half-life, but for a 8mb agp card it's solid..

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    Deanril Guest
    is that an onboard 1740? meaning built in to the motherboard?

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    Back when I used an K6-2 350, I didn't have any problems running the I740 either.

    I did experience problems initially, but it was solved by installing the AGP drivers for the VIA chipset.

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