Voltage Problems with GeForce DDR
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Thread: Voltage Problems with GeForce DDR

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    Voltage Problems with GeForce DDR

    Just got an Asus Geforce DDR Deluxe and I am having a number of problems:
    1. I have a flicker go across the screen periodically

    2. When I run Quake II, or Unreal Tour. the alarm on my Abit BE6II goes off because the
    -5 voltage drops down to about -5.54 -5.6...which is below the low level limit...

    3. When I end a game of Unreal Tour. My screen goes crazy. I can't read or see anything, just alot of colors.I have to reset to get a readable screen back.

    4. This may be unrelated but when I end a game of Quake II, my screen freezes. Control alt delete will release me from quake but I was wondering if it was Geforce related...

    I think I bought a little tooooo much card for me to hanlde...HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlllllP!!!

    "Damn it Mr. Scott!!
    Scotty, I NEED more power!!!!

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    I have the prophet DDR. Similar problems in Messiah. Download the AGP driver for your mobo & then get the latest detonator drivers from nvidia. This should solve the problem. Remember to reset your display adaptor to PCI VGA before installing the detonator drivers. You must uninstall all the ASUS drivers & software. You won't have the same functionality, but the games will run.

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    The ABIT BE6-II had issues with the GrForce card that can be EASILY resloved (I have a BF6 - which is more or less the same MOBO).

    First - get the latest BIOS from ABIT's site.

    Second - Go into your BIOS. Notice anything weird? Your 3.3V will now be set to 3.5V. This was a rev in the ABIT BE6-II and BF6 BIOS to deal with the boards issues with newer vid cards.

    Third - You may still have slight probs...if you do...bump that 3.3V up to 3.6V - this solved all my video problems and my system runs pretty solid.


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