Screen refresh rate was causing lockup!?
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Thread: Screen refresh rate was causing lockup!?

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    Screen refresh rate was causing lockup!?

    I was having a ton of trouble with my Geforce DDR card after I installed it and spent almost two months of dabbling around on it and several windows reinstalls until I located the problem. I had my screen refresh rate set at 85hz because I thought that it flickered a little less than 75hz, just for kicks I changed it back to 75hz and since then I haven't had ANY lockups. Has anyone had the same problem? I can't possibly imagine why in the world that the refresh rate would lock the computer up. If anyone thinks they have a possible explanation I'd love to hear it because I haven't got a clue as to how it could affect anything.

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    did you use drivers for your particular monitor sometimes they can cause problems or not using them could do it also, something about compatability.


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