My specs:
PII 400
128Mb pc100
Asus P3B-F Mainboard
Creative GeForce DDR
Diamond Monster MX300
Dlink Ethernet Card
Advansys SCSI-2 Card for CDRW

The heatsink just touches the middle part of the CPU and has one fan. There is no thermal paste or anything but there is a small grey sticker stuck on. A technician sub-contracted by Quantex fit the fan when he was replacing a noisy PSU (?).

I am having serius problems with some newer games such as Quake 3 and The Sims. The games always seem to crash after about 25-30 minutes no matter what drivers I use. After crashing, I reboot and the temperature of the CPU (using internal sensor) is about 60C - 70C. Is this too high? Could overheating be the reasing why the games lock up? I got about 1 hour out of the Sims when I took off the case and pointed a giant "office fan" at it.

Please help!