Video tweaks to share - I'll show you mine....
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Thread: Video tweaks to share - I'll show you mine....

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    Video tweaks to share - I'll show you mine....

    Well, not much to show (unfortunately)

    The most recent tweak I used, I think I got off, involves adding a perameter to the system.ini under 386enh:


    x = irq of video card.

    I saw an immediate improvement, so I bumped up the memory allowcation to 8192.

    I have an Elsa Erazor X2, K6-III 450 (not oc'd right now), EPoX MVP3G5 mobo, 256 PC100 RAM, IBM 7,200 RPM drive, 45X CD, soundblaster & winmodem.

    I play Descent2 & 3 - D3 in OpenGL using NVida 5.08 alpha drivers. It really rocks.

    Other tips? If you share I'll try 'em all.

    Come on, spill your guts, everyone!


    Let's have some other dark

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    dfilANPARTY ut 250gb a64 3200 @ 2.52 (280 ht x 9) 2 X 512 g.sKILL PC4000 gIGABYTE 6800 gt
    Antec 430 truepower 2 Maxtor ATA133 8 MB cache Acer 52X Lite-On 1633s DVD-RW TB Santa Cruz - FPS surround LS120 O/B NIC Antec 1080 case

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    8192, is that bytes or kbytes???

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