Last WE I installed my new PC, and it was pretty much a nightmare because of that brilliant piece of crap : the ATI All-in-Wonder 128
The tough thing was that, as you may know from your experience, when you setup a new system, you normally don't know much about stability from the various components taken independantly from each other.. And for me tracking down the problems to the hell-in-wonder 128 took easily 40 reboots.
The problem with my ATI card is that whenever it's installed, either the PC will not boot at all, or when it does boot it will freeze every 3 minutes. A real freeze, you know, not a nice recoverable crash.

Of course I had recent drivers and everything, but still it sucked.
As I had heard bad things about my mobo (P3B-F), so it was to me the suspect nb.1.
Then I ended up putting back my 5-years old PCI S3-based card, and it works wonders since !!

Another awfully bad thing with the hell-in-wonder is that when I tried to remove its drivers from the 'remove programs' window in control panel, it simply would crash run32.dll at every try. That's when the ATI card isn't installed. Because if I tried that procedure when it was installed, the system would freeze just by opening the uninstall control panel !
Also the installation puts files everywhere, messes up your system and the toolbar is ugly.

Here is my core config : Aopen PSU [ P3B-F / P3-550/512k / 128Mo PC100 / Fujitsu 17Go UATA33 ]
Peripherals : Zip SCSI / DC390 SCSI / Samplecell2 / Fireball ext HD SCSI / CDRW Yam6416 S / CreativeCDP 6x / Opcode PC Midicard / SEK'D Prodif+

Of course it's tricky anyway with so many peripheral to avoid conflicts at all.. but the P3B-F handles that well !! Good point for ASUS. Also the features/BIOS/utilities are great ! Overcloking was such a breeze.
But those crashed happened before the peripherals' installation & overclocking.

I hope this post will enlighten the potential ATI customers to come..
Once again I made a bad "feature-based purchase" instead of a wise "feedback-based purchase".. too bad. Or maybe in 6 months when it's obsolete, the driver will fix those errors ?

Any suggestion very welcome !