TNT2 k7600 performance should be better
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Thread: TNT2 k7600 performance should be better

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    TNT2 k7600 performance should be better

    hi. i am running this system:
    k7 600 mhz
    msi k7pro mobo
    AOpen TNT2 16mb (generic card but pretty good)

    here is my 3dmark 2000 score

    Frame Buffer
    Refresh Rate
    V Sync.Off

    3DMark Result
    2713 3D marks

    CPU Speed
    202 CPU 3D marks

    Fill Rate (Single-Texturing)
    218.5 MTexels/s

    Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing)
    201.8 MTexels/s

    High Polygon Count (1 Light)
    3688 KTriangles/s

    High Polygon Count (4 Lights)
    2917 KTriangles/s

    High Polygon Count (8 Lights)
    2353 KTriangles/s

    8MB Texture Rendering Speed
    150.6 FPS

    16MB Texture Rendering Speed
    148.8 FPS

    32MB Texture Rendering Speed
    96.2 FPS

    64MB Texture Rendering Speed
    Not enough AGP memory

    Bump Mapping (Emboss, 3-pass)
    79.1 FPS

    Bump Mapping (Emboss, 2-pass)
    93.0 FPS

    Bump Mapping (Emboss, 1-pass)
    141.3 FPS

    Bump Mapping (Environment)
    Not supported

    and on quake 3 it gives me only 28 fps at high quality mode with 1024 res, 70 at straight normal quality.

    this is with the current (3.68) nvidia driver, which was a big improvement over the drivers that shipped with the board. directx 7.

    now it seems to me like my performance should be better then this... i know that it should be kicking out at least 30 fps for everything. an ideas?

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    I think, you don't have a problem. I have an Athlon500 with TNT2/16MB and my 3DMark2000 is 2630. In Quake3 I have at HQ/800 (the standard setting) 42.9fps.
    If you use the 1024 resolution, the fps may drop to 28.
    Regards, DocMigru

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    yeh.. heh thats what i was kinda afraid of, although the performance i'm getting right now is pretty damn go for the $95 i paid for the card. can anyone maybe suggest some tweaks i could try besides ocing to bump it up just a bit?

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    Check out the topic of mine Help with TNT2 and Q3A FPS. I jumped from getting 27 FPS to 61 FPS @ 1024x768 16bit! May help ya, ya never know.
    Check it out.

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    duh, i guess i just wasn't playing with the graphic features enough. now i can get up to 60 at 1024 with some eye candy off, and about 35 with it on. thanks.

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