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    V3 3000

    I'm about to buy 3dfx voodoo3 3000 16mb AGP card, I am currently using Riva TNT2 32mb AGP and it hangs alot when playing Q3A, and i had to do a hard reboot each time when it happens, it happens all the time. I have a VIA Apollo Pro motherboard (i updated it with the AGP fix), running PIII-450 with 128mb of RAM. V3 or TNT2 more lock up / incompatibility problems? Please advice, thanks.

    PS: I'm a hardcore gamer.

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    If you play alot of Q3 then I advice you to get a geforce card.

    When everything else fails, open the manual
    When everything else fails, open the manual

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    if you still want the voodoo3 or tnt2, if you like speed I suggest you to buy voodoo3. if you like visual I suggest tnt2

    or if you want visual and speed, just wait voodoo5 6000 maybe is coming out in May.
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    Geforce is MILES ahead of any other card, presently on the market when it comes to Q3A. The only time that a voodoo COULD be better is when you play Unreal Tournament or Unreal-based games. In those games Geforce is about equal to a V2 SLI, with CRAPPY Direct3D coding vs 3DFx OWN Glide drivers.

    I have a Geforce and I've NEVER regretted it!

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    I have a Voodoo3 2000 and I've never regretted it!

    FireSquad (if I'm recalling correctly) had a reveiw of current graphics cards about a month or so ago that included the ViperII, GeForce256, Rage Fury MAXX, TNT2, and Voodoo3. In a lot of games the Voodoo3 performed on par or near the performance of the GeForce 256SDR. Games like Q2, Q3, Descen3, UT... Even though it wasn't the fastest card, he had to re-think his original opinion on the aging Voodoo3s.

    But of course that comparing a $100 1-year old card against a $300 state-of-the-art card. Yes the GeFroce 256 DDR is the fastest card out right now, but also the most expensive. Is the price justified? Fo some it might be, but not for all.
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    I think I would save a little money and get the v3 2000 and o\c it and get the same performance for less... I have a v3 3000 pci and love it but kinda wished i would have got a 2000 model and save the extra $50.
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