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    Funky Voodoo3

    I recently took out my tnt2 and replaced it with a Voodoo3 3k agp. Problem is, after I boot up after a shutdown, my monitor never comes out of sleep and eventually my comp starts a long beep. However, if I clear the cmos, it boots up just fine. Once it comes up, I can restart and it works like a charm. But once I do a complete shutdown, forget about it. Any ideas?

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    If you have LX based MB maybe that.
    To me it looks like power related problem, or you colud try to disable all AGP features from BIOS cous V3 does not use eny of them anyway.

    I`m stumped to cous TNT2 is also power hingry card,??

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    Its a bx board. I thought that maybe since I'm overclocking with a 133 fsb, the voodoo couldn't handle the 88mhz agp. I thought that perhaps, I got a bad card. I took it back and got another one. Same thing. I tried going back to a 100fsb and its the same as well.

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