I'l try t omake this long explanation short and concise.

I have an Avermedia tv98 video capture card
along with an ATI rage-II vidoe card.

#1: have tried DirectX version 5, 6, and 7

#2: At first i was able ot record 320X240 15
FPS 24bit color with cd quality sound. Basicaly some low end capture.

#3: Now even after a low level format of my system I cna barely sustain 10 fps, with or without audio.

#4: at first removing 3d direct acceleration
improved the recording of avi's, then the still capture goes crazy.

#5: Now all video captures look like they are
running on an old rusty gear that moves in sharp clunky jerks.

#6: If I re-install my video drivers over
the now directx drivers the capture impooves but not by much.

#7: I've changed pci slots on both the video card and the tv98 capture card with no descernable results.

#8: And no Avermedia won't support thier tv98
line and I'm registered.

I can't see much else wrong other than directX conflicts.

the system Hard drive runs at 6.1MB/s non -cached write.

Have tried aty 32 and 64MB xms ram.

System resources at 94% once in the capture
part of avermedia tv98.

No program or IRQ conflicts.

I am honeslty out of ideas..

I'd apreciate any help.