Direct X version 7 uninstalled?
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Thread: Direct X version 7 uninstalled?

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    Direct X version 7 uninstalled?


    I bought an Asus AGP video card which came with Direct X Version 7.

    I installed a game about year and a half old, and it said during installation that it would be installing Direct X media. It did not prompt me and indicate that a newer version was detected?

    Did it wipe out Direct X Version 7 for the older version?

    I have SiSoft Sandra Basic and in the Direct X info it shows Direct X 4.00??.

    How else would I determine what type of Direct X I have installed? I went into the Direct X folder to find the readme file , but there is'nt one.

    If I lost Direct X 7, should i reinstall it? and everything will be fine?

    thanks for any advice

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    Any older version of DX or part of DX stops installing when detects newer DX version.

    You did not louse your DX7.

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    You can get to know the direct X version by starting the direct X diagnostic program in the folder c:\programs\DxDiag.Ink

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