3D Prophet blues
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Thread: 3D Prophet blues

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    3D Prophet blues

    Hope someone can help me out. I got a 3D Prophet (Guillemot). I tried running the new drivers but it causes the screen to screw up at the top and become unstable. I tried using the detonater drivers from nvidia. They didnt work either. My main board is a FIC V503+.

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    What I'd do is:
    1) Download the newest Guillemot Drivers;
    remove the GeForce drivers and reset your display to Standard VGA.
    Than I reboot and try to reinstall with the newest drivers.

    2) Also check to make sure your AGP settings are correct within your BIOS.

    Celeron 533 @ 600
    ABIT BE6
    196 Meg. PC 100
    Guillemot Prophet GeForce DDR
    Aureal 1 Soundboard
    19" NEC Multisync Monitor

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