an interesting fact about the new upcoming voodoo's read!
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Thread: an interesting fact about the new upcoming voodoo's read!

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    an interesting fact about the new upcoming voodoo's read!

    i was doing my reading on the net
    and i came across an interview that had been held with one of the guys from bitboys. (guys making the glaze3d)

    He used to be one of the head guys at 3dfx, and was telling about y the glaze is being delayed and stuff.

    Anyways he also said that full-screen AA is a huge bandwidth eater. He said to just to play 800*600 with full screen AA takes up 10 gigs of bandwidth!!!
    that is bad,
    if this is the case
    (it might not be)

    3dfx really better start thinking about how there gonna pull off T-buffer without bandwidth problems.

    state ur input
    i would like to know more about this (freon)


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    Well they have a few working cards floating around. One Voodoo5 5500 hit the convension in Japan a few days ago. They were running about four games (Pod Racer, Quake3...) and had a hot key to toggle on/off the full screen AA during play. The effect was VERY convincing as to how much of an impovement it really is. The general response was not, 'boy the performance hit is pretty bad', but 'WOW'!!!

    The only thing that bothers me is that when they showed of the other T-buffer features they had to use the 8 V2 SLI box they used for the last few months. They was not rewritten the programs to work with the new card yet so are showing you possible image qualities, not real ones.

    When they hit reveiwer sites like, this should change (of coarse they are at least a month away from that).

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