I've got a no-name video card here that I am trying to find the manufacturer of.

Its an AGP Video card with the Intetl i740 chipset.

The only markings on the board is the words


on the back of the card and a sticker that shows when it was manufactured in jan of 99 in China.

The company I bought the Bare bones system from back in March of 99 has been no help. Their phone number has been changed and they dont answer their e-mail.

Im trying to find a Win98 video driver that will allow me to get past 16 colors and more than 640x480 resolution.

The i740 drivers from Intel do nothing for me and I keep getting errors at startup when I tried to use these drivers.

Can anybody tell me what I have??

Im probably going to see what you can come up with, pull the card and go and stick it under my truck wheels and drive over it repeatedly and get me a video card that I can get support with.


Miles D. Oliver www.mmoliver.org