what is the best PCI card currently available??
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Thread: what is the best PCI card currently available??

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    what is the best PCI card currently available??

    my pc only has pci slots and i want to get the best 3-d accelerator available for pci. any suggestions?
    i'm currently running two 3dfx voodoo 2s in sli and they've always been fine...um, until i saw my friend running games on his his TNT2 ultra! so whats my best option for a good pci card? wait for voodoo 4/5 pci?

    my system:
    amd k-6 II/500
    128mb ram
    v2 sli


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    as of right now the best PCI card is the V3 3000 by far.

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    Errmmm, I think that of the modern generation graphics cards, the Voodoo 3 (2000 and 3000) are the ONLY ones with PCI card versions.All the others are only available in AGP.
    Does that answer your question then .

    P.S. The Voodoo Squared you currently have is probably as fast as, or faster than a Voodoo 3, so I wouldn't jump to buy one.

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    thanks fallguy, i figured that about the v3. another friend of mine has one and i didn't notice that big of a difference (higher resolution maybe?) if any from my sli. guess i'll wait for the v4/5 to come out in a couple of months then.

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