Creative Geforce Pro- Problem!
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Thread: Creative Geforce Pro- Problem!

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    Creative Geforce Pro- Problem!

    I have a P3 500 with a gigabyte BX2000 MB. I just bought a new Creative Geforce Pro (DDR) and installed the given drivers. The problem is after I install the drivers my system hang after a few minutes of using and the PC make a beeping sound. Even I restart and reinstall the drivers the same thing happen. Is there anybody out there that can help me!

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    Your motherboard is the problem, have you checked out the Annihilator faq as it gives details on this.

    It's in the Index under instability titled:-

    Will my Gigabyte 6BXC, 6BXE or BX2000 work with the GeForce?

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news


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