yes, I have posted this befor, but I am going to revision it a little....

I need to replace my Screahing, Agging 2 years old TNT. after thinking about it alot, I have decided to buy a new vid card in the end of feb. so, let me just ramp things up.

I have a hard time choosing between the:

ATI Rage Fury Pro ( 139$ At Egghead )

The Matrox G400Max ( 209$ At Shop@Matrox )

And the S3 ViperII (159$ at Egghead)

now, as I said at my older post,I am not buying a vid card for "hardcore" gaming, but Medicore gaming at most.
What I care most is image quality.
both in 2D and 3D.
farme rate is also something I care about, but anything higer then 30 at 1024X768 in 32bit color is better then ok to me.
DVD quality is also a factor I like to consider.
could you please give a rating to the cards?
in 2D eyecandy, 3D eyecandy, DVD eyecandy, Drivers and 3D Frame rate. oh.. and please, add life-span...

oh... yes, and just to make it a little more intersting.
say, I will wait for another couple of mounths, what offerings (G450, Nv15 - any info on these chipsets? ) will I be able to get at a price tag of 200$?

oh... forgot to add my system specs:

Asus P3B-F M/B
160Mb Seimens 100Mhz SDRAM
SBlive Value W/FPS1000 Speakers
Mag Innovision PerfectVision 770Ti TrinitronFR+ 17" monitor.
CL RivaTNT OC to 110Core/120Mem
Poineer X8 Slot Feed DVD-Rom

thanks once more!

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