I'm getting the Card Cooler soon, and I have
the CL TNT2U with the onboard fan running on it. I also have a CPU fan from my previous CPU that's running in there, pointing mostly at the CPU and hopefully helping to produce air flow. What do you guys think of the Card Cooler? Will all of this be a reliable cooling setup for overclocking the TNT2U?

Someone once told me that the cases are designed to get warm air flow out of the case. Right now the left side is off. But even if I put it back on, there are still open slots in the back (the ones that pop out, not the ones that screw back in). Is it important, once I have all the fans running, to cover those slots to get correct air flow?

I'm using TNTCLK. When I get the Card Cooler I'm going to start overclocking in increments of 2 or 3, first the core, then the memory.
Should I just do the core, up to 175 say, and then the memory, or should I do both, or does it matter!?

I'm shooting for 175/200. That seems to be the standard. Can I go any higher, or is it too risky?