As most of the people here seem to be doing, I'm pondering an upgrade, either to the new V5 5500 or the current GeForce DDR.
Can anyone recommend one of these cards. I've always had 3dfx, as I do like the option of running all 3 major api's. Will the new vodoo5 have "true" AGP this time-around?

I will be looking for solid improvements over my current card. For example, contrary to most of the feeling on this board, I see little difference between my Voodoo card and my brother's TNT2 Ultra on very similar computers; in Nocturne (the game always exemplified in being the justification for a TNT2 upgrade), I only noticed the lack of a few special effects and that Svetlana's hair was reddish instead of black). If I listened to the reviewers, I would have ripped out my V3 and bought a TNT2, and I know I, at least (the qualifier), would have seen little difference.
Perhaps neither the new V5 nor the GeForce will offer substantial improvement over the V3, and I should await the next round?