Got an OEM Version of Rage software expendable, and no matter in what res. I play, or in what color depth (or even what driver seetings i choose) I get problems in the game.
while the frame rate is high, the refresh rate seems to be 4hz!
My monitor tells me the Refresh rate is 85Hz, but the game images seems to "flash".

I don't get ANY problems in other games (Quake3, UT, OppForces)

My config:
Intel Celey533@600Mhz
128Mb 100Mhz Seimens SDRAM
Creative Labs Graphics Blaster RivaTNT 16mb.
W/Nvidia 3.68 Drivers. (OC to 110Mhz Core / 125Mhx Mem)
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Value.
Mag Innovision PerfectVision 770Ti TrinitronFR 17" Monitor.

so can you help?


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