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Thread: Which Card???????????????

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    Which Card???????????????

    My system:
    P2 333mhz @ 333
    128 MB RAM
    Abit bx6 (rev 2)
    skywell Banshee 16 MB
    SB Live value

    I'm in the market for a new video card. I'm looking an Asus v3800 Pure. Any recommendations? I'm looking for a card like a tnt2 that has 32bit colour and all the fancy image quality junk. With whateva card you reccomend what FPS would I get say in quake 2?

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    Hi there

    Why do you call yourself dutch if you're from
    Australia? Nevermind, why are you talking about Q2? Don't go for asus. Sure they're brilliant at making mobo's, but videocards?
    They're heavilly overpriced. Tnt2 will give you great performance in Q3A(Q2 also) at an afordable price. The viper 770(I've got one) has good performance at a reasonble price and is easilly o/c to ultra speed. Mine is running at 160/175. It depends on what the kind of mem. Mine is 6ns, but some are with 5,5.

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    For your PC V3 is the best and fastes solution 2K or 3K not 3,5K is to expencive.

    I would recomend V3 2K cous diference in speed is hardly noticable but if you need TV out then 3K.

    Nvidia (TNTx) based cards have bit better image qualitiy, but for gammer is not wourth mentioning.
    For 32 bit colour playing I can say is crap. I don`t think on speed or performance.
    Is crap trust me.

    TNT2 does not looks better in 32bit but it looks bad in 16 bit on some games and that is fact.

    32 bit colour is trick, fancy option that makes card more expencive, but don`t get me wrong TNT2 based graphic cards are good and in my oppinion V3 is better and faster.

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    Hey man if you got the money to spend on the ASUS 6800 then I would get it but its gonna cost you a good bit. The 6600 is a SDR and its already about $250. I can imagine what there gonna charge for the DDR 6800. But hey man its your money. But if want a DDR geforce the annilator pro is a good board for about $250. Same price as the V3 3500 but with a lot better performance but the v3 3500 is mostly for video capture though.

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    You'll probably get the most bang from your bucks with a voodoo3 3200 (I'm very pleased with mine).
    If you're not on a strict budget, then maybe a Geforce......

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    Well the 2 options suggested seem to centre around the Voodoo 3 and GeForce. with the Processor and System you have, the GeForce (DDR if you can afford it, SDR if you can't) will give you by far the best frame rate (for Q2 and 3). This is because the Voodoo is very processor dependant, and lets face it, a 333 is hardly super (hell, my 500 struggles with Q3 and UT at high resolutions and lotsa Bots). The GeForce will take some of the load off the processor, and will consequently play better (and last longer, if/when you choose to upgrade your processor).
    Thats just my say so,
    I have a V3 2000, btw.

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