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Thread: New Geforce Detonator 372

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    Freon, the 3.72 drivers seem to work fine on my K7 650 with CL TNT2 Ultra. However, I couldn't see any visual improvement (if there is any, it's either only on Geforce cards, or the difference isn't big enough for me to notice it). In addition, the performance dropped slightly from the 3.68 drivers, so I've gone back to using them instead. Erich, the OpenGL files come with the drivers (assuming you're using TNT/TNT2/Geforce), perhaps there are more recent beta drivers available somewhere, but I haven't seen them.

    Erich, just noticed that you're using the Guillemot Prophet, didn't see it before because of the size of the FAQ

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    I'm not sure about this but I think it's only the geforce that supports paletised textures so that's why it don't look better on the TNT.

    I could however be completely wrong as it seems to be so difficult to find any hard facts on this at the moment. All I know is the graphics have more detail in places and appear more colourful, trust me though you're really not missing much.


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    The place I downloaded the drivers from said listed "Geforce" on the side, but according the the KEY at the top, that means it is the most recent chipset it supports. I.E. those drivers work with some/all previous chipsets.

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