over clocking tnt2 or V3 3000 with peltier
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Thread: over clocking tnt2 or V3 3000 with peltier

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    over clocking tnt2 or V3 3000 with peltier

    ok should i try it? how hight might i get. have any of ya'll done this? please ideas. i have the choice of a tnt2 CL, or a v3 3000 both agp. i have peltier on my cpu now and wana try another on my display.
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    I dont think it would help. I used to get a V3 3000 up it 190mhz after that it would start having some stuff come up all over the screen. This had nothing to do with heat. The ram chips were a little warm and I had a big *** fan on the chip so it wasnt heat I just think it wont go any higher. Have no idea about TNT2 cards though never owned one of those so dont know much about them.

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