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Thread: Voodoo5

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    Is Voodoo5 for real? Will it really be out in Spring 2000? What does nVidia have up their sleeves to compete?

    I can't find anything on TomsHardware, here or at SharkyExtreme which are my three usual places to find independend information.

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    The Voodoo4 and 5 are schedualled to be out around April 2000. They sampled beta silicon about two weeks ago and are working hard to get it out on time. Any setbacks will push this date back. The Fill rates are up to 366, 733 and 1465 Million Pixel fill rate with 32, 64, 128MB memory for $180, $300, $600 retale. It can sub-sample two images per pixel for full screan AA (only avaluable on the Voodoo5s because it must sample 4 screans total and would be about a 50% performance hit). It might also be able to sample 2 textures per pixel (if it is not doing FSAA), but they have not stated so. It will have other "Cinimatic" features like motion blur, depth of feild, and soft shadows. It also has advanced texture compression and supports all the other bells and wistles (32bit color, 2Kx2K textures...) but not T&L.

    The NV-11 and 15 with 320 and 640 Million Pixel fill rate with dual texture cappability with 32MB DDR (some NV-11 will probably be avaluable with 16MB SDR for OEM orders and a 64MB version of the NV-15 is likely) and cost $250-300 and $350+ base for the 32MB DDR versions. This has all the features of the GeForce 256 including T&L and a Full screan AA feature (stated as having a big performance hit). It should e avaluable in limited quantities shortly after the Voodoo4/5 releases (to take some of the thunder away from the Voodoo4/5) and be avaluable in volume in June.
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