Which one should I get?
G400 MAX? Geforce 256? Rage fury maxx?

I really like the image quality from G400 like VQC and EMBM, etc...

And I also like Geforce 256's cube bump-mapping and T&L... 480MPixels/Sec

Rage fury maxx offering twin rage fury pro which is very nice chipset, it does line and edge anti aliasing unlike G400 and Geforce 256 and it produce true 32-bit color with few performance hit... it is 64MB + 500MPixels/sec but no 3D EMBM or Cube Bump-mapping....

or I just wait for Glaze3D? Really fast and superb image quality and features... but it MAY be out in Feb 2000'

My system
K6-III 450
CL TNT2 Ultra @ 177/220
Aureal SQ2500
Western Digital 8.4 Gig HDD with Seagate 2.1 Gig HDD
FPS 2000 Digital

PS: I am a graphic desiger and also a game player.. I play games like first person shooting....