GeForce 256 and ALi Aladdin V chipset
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Thread: GeForce 256 and ALi Aladdin V chipset

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    GeForce 256 and ALi Aladdin V chipset

    Has anyone experienced problems with a GeForce 256 and an ALi Aladdin V Chipset ?
    I ask because I own a TNT2 Ultra and it is quite impossible to make it work under NT4 or Win2000. I'd like to buy another card that works with this chipset and I think the GeForce is the best for the moment (except its price...)


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    i have a geforce on my ss7 ali alladin v chipset(asus p5 ab)works fine with WIN 98,where the hell are all you people getting win 2000 if its not out til feb 2000?,beta testers?

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