Voodoo3 Overclockerz: post your results
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Thread: Voodoo3 Overclockerz: post your results

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    Voodoo3 Overclockerz: post your results

    Howdy, just wanna see what kind of numbers yall are getting, what o/c utility your using, and any cooling tips yall might have.
    (honesty rules.)

    I can't break 183MHz, but mines a semi-ghetto OEM V3-3000. Never heard of the RAM on it. It doesn't get even remotely warm, so i think it's something else f**king up. I'm particularly wondering if there are certain MHz ranges that just mess it up.
    I rigged a small fan on that bizarre heatsink that comes on it, and have one of those cheap fans that go in the slots right under it (the kind that blow air out). Works good tho...

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    I find out that faster then 175MHz is usles.
    Specialy on Glide games. Unreal.

    Also check anandtech geforce subyect where they compare Gforce with TNT2, V3, ATI and you while see results of V3 2000, V3 3000, V3 3500. No big diference.

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