My friend has a 266 P2, 32 mbs of ram, and a matrox millenium. He REALLY needs a new video card cuz he has alotta games (illegal) and wants to play them but he can't. i REALLY think that a new video card would help him and he decided to buy a new one. He's on a really tight budget ($100) and he refuses to spend anymore. He doesn't know that much about hardware so i'm helping him decide which card to get. I've narrowed it down to a voodoo2 add-on card or a voodoo3 2000. Which one do you think that he should get?

MaH SyStEm:
PIII 450, 128 RAM, i740 (the i740 was last year's best midrange 2d card, so ha!) voodoo2 sli, 4.8X toshiba DVD, 4x4x20 cd-rw

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