Problems with TNT2
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Thread: Problems with TNT2

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    Problems with TNT2

    I have a problem with my Aopen TNT2 card. When I play 3D games and comes to a new area with new polygens the framerate goes down to 1-2 a second for about 2 seconds. My CPU is a P!!! 450. I have 64MB Ram. An Abit BX6 Motherboard.

    The frame rate at all other times is great, but this is driving me insane. Any help would be appreciated. My ICQ is 15270246.


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    I'm sure its the P!!!, just kidding though (I'm an AMD fan)

    It may be possible at that time the hard drive is swapping.. With 64 mb of ram that may be the reason if you are playing a very resourse hungary game.. What games are you playing? You can tell if the hard drive is swapping just by listening to it or watch the little amber (or yellow) LED on the front of your case. If it is flickering during your slow downs the hard drive is swapping. So what you would need is more RAM!! I would suggest more RAM anyways for your system, 64MB is a little weak...

    ---Intel is Evil---
    ---Long Live AMD---

    ---Intel is Evil---
    ---Long Live AMD---

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