Windows98 and Diamond Stealth problems
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Thread: Windows98 and Diamond Stealth problems

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    Windows98 and Diamond Stealth problems

    I have a Diamond Stealth 64 Video VRAM card bios version 1.01 and a Stealth 64 Video 3200 ver. 1.16. Both of these are used in Micron P166 with Micronics M54HI mother board. Both have worked fine under Windows 95 using your GT driver V4.02.325 with Diamond incontrol. However, neither one will work properly with Windows 98. I have tried all the drivers for Diamond on the Windows 98 CD along with the original driver. All have the same problem. They will work in 640x480 however, in properties the resolution cannot be changed, even though the other resolutions are listed. When you click on another resolution, that resolution is highlighted and when you click on apply the screen says it has been changed however, it does not change and the slider changes back to 640x480. It is smilier with the GT driver, but the resolution changes however, the view point locks on 640x480 and cannot be changed so even though the desk top changes the view on the screen is still 640x480. NOTE: The Windows drivers will not even allow this but only 640x480. Does anyone have any solution.
    Thank you

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    Hmmm more info please your motherbaord manufacture and the exact chip model on your Diamond Card?

    Bear in Mind that for about $30.00 or less, you can get a 4MB PCI or AGP Vidoe card that will walk all over the Diamond

    email with the details be glad to help
    486 CPU/32MB Memory/Windows 3.11(it rocks!) Sigh.........the good ol Days........

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