Please help! CL TNT2 Ultra DVD decoder like ATIs?
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Thread: Please help! CL TNT2 Ultra DVD decoder like ATIs?

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    Please help! CL TNT2 Ultra DVD decoder like ATIs?

    I just ordered CL decoder PCI card for my TNT2 Ultra CL. I already have a softdecoder but it is too CPU intensive for my PIII 500 @ 600. Anyone knows if CL TNT2 is already Hardware decoder?
    Lastly, if I connect decoder card to TNT2 video card via cable, what kind of software do I need? Does that CL decoder come with a player? Can I still use Power DVD?

    Thanks in advance

    PIII 650@806
    PC133 128MB ECC
    ABIT BE6
    TNT2 Ultra
    WD SCSI2 10K 5.2ms 18.3G
    Vortex2 w/ digital out
    Sony MHC-5500 Digital Signal Processer - 30 equalizers and Dynamic Sound

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    my cl tnt2 ultra is connect with a cl dxr3 decoder card. i'm using the pc-dvd software from the kit. not sure if u'll get it with just only getting the decoder. and tnt2 is not a decoder, but it can assit the cpu for the image
    please tell me if i'm wrong!


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