Please explain this to me
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Thread: Please explain this to me

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    Please explain this to me

    Why would a Celeron300@464 and a g400 16 meg get a 3dmark99max of 4060 and my K6-2 450 128 megs sdram and g400 32 meg get only 3280??? Please explain


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    intelimm Guest
    Didn't you know!??Celeron is much better than amd k6-2 chips..amd k6-2 chips never got good floting points...thats why they are soo cheep.And maybe G400 don't have good 3D-Now drivers and much not support to amd k6-2

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    He's right Jedi. The k6-2 is crippled by its poor floating point performance. On the other hand, the G-400 does have good 3dnow! support, but only for the Athlon's improved 3Dnow instructions.

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    Jeffy79 Guest
    Actually intelimm's statement about the chip being cheap because of its weak fpu. Ok why is the celeron cheap to? Sorry to break it to you but this is a result of competition, if the statement you say is true. How come the athlon is cheaper than any p3 above 550mhz? Hmmmmm

    That sir is also competition....


    "That's my story and im stickin to it!"

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    intelimm Guest
    AMD k6-2 450Mhz is as cheap as Celeron 400Mhz for now...but celeron got its L2 cache stick on its chip with full speed but celeron 500Mhz is not that cheap

    Athlon is a great chip...yes it does.Last 4-5 months Pentium !!! chips is very pricy.And when athlon chip starting its sells at lower got to keep-up too attract their athlon and pen3 is selling at comfortable prices except 700Mhz +++. But athlon mobo's are double the BX's boards prices...rather buy a GEForce

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