I have been woundering somthing about Final Reality. Me and my friends often test it to compete against eachother, I have a good system(cel 500 clocked 570, abit be 6
,128sdram,CL TNT 2 Ultra) but I cant get to much out of my graphic card because my bus speed is so low. its just 4.0, I tried Final R. at a friends computer a pIII 450 and he got 4.8. I have also tried 3d mark 99max and when uploading my res. the database told me that my score was below average in my "class" my res(4155 3Dmark and 4912 Cpu3dmark, with 42fps at game1). I really dont know where all the power is going.

Anyone else with the same problem and a solution?

I have changed the drv from CL to nvidias and that helped a bit.

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