Yes another TNT2 Ultra Nightmare....Help Please!!!!
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Thread: Yes another TNT2 Ultra Nightmare....Help Please!!!!

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    Yes another TNT2 Ultra Nightmare....Help Please!!!!

    Well My brother and i have two recently made computers.

    Mine is
    Celeron 400
    128 Ram, Diamond Viper TNT2
    with a cheap motherboard(Shuttle)
    and its working fine.

    My brother's is
    Pentium III 450
    128, Ram Diamond Viper TNT2 ULTRA
    with ABIT BX6 r.2 motherboard
    and it was working fine with 48 RAM
    until i took the video card out to put the 128 ram chip in.
    When i turned it on and tried to play the games we were playing with his old 48 RAM
    I couldnt start the game like UNREAL TURNAMENT, QUAKE 3, HALFLIFE etc.

    Just like the message before mine the guy SouthFla every time i starts to open it goes black and freezes up.
    I tried everything Drivers, Uninstalling, Formatting, Swap of Cards and nothing seems to work out.

    Why do we have to put up with this problems???
    I think Somebody have to pay or at least help us with them.

    Help my Obi one your my only hope!!!!


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    thats pretty wierd, because i have 256 ram in mine (2)128s , and when i took out 1 of the 128s , my pc wouldnt even start at all!!
    so i kept it in (i paid $85 each and in a couple months i could get $200 each so i was gona sell one

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    Why do you call this a TNT2 problem? It sounds like a RAM problem to me. It doesn't sound like it has a thing to do with the video card. You even said you tried swapping video cards. Try changing the slot you have the RAM installed in.

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    sounds like hardware to me, check out your motherboard somehow. i really don't think that adding ram would hurt the system. o yeah, this probably won't help, but go and change the AGP aperture in the BIOS to 64 megs.

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    I agree with changing the slot where the ram is. If not try changing the ram itself and verify that your agp slot isnt loose. It could be that it came loose when u removed the ram.

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