Quake2 and Halflife = nogo
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Thread: Quake2 and Halflife = nogo

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    Quake2 and Halflife = nogo

    V3 2000 agp here. Unreal and Q3 run fine. Q2 and Half Life wont even start for some reason. I have the newest drivers for my V3, updated Q2 and HL with the latest patches, and still it freezes when I click to run the games. PLEASE HELP, hardcore Q2'er here with withdrawal coming soon. REPLY FOOs. thanx

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    Did you make sure to install either 3dfx's minigl driver or Wicked 3d's minigl driver? Wicked 3d's is better by the way. But sometimes we forget to install that for those quake2 engine games, and thats probably why they wont play, the new quake3 demo uses full opengl now, so the minigl isnt needed thats why it works, hope that helps.
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